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3.2 Composition Smart Composer and Smart Layout allows you to create your own layouts from scratch or to copy. Use the intuitive Smart Composer to design pages and Smart Layout to position and place objects on pages. Keep pages neat and organized with Smart Page, Smart Page Style, Smart Section, and Smart Section Style. Or save your favorite pages with the Smart Page Backup feature. Smart Composer Use the Smart Composer to make complete pages based on your existing documents. Smart Composer also lets you make new pages from scratch, add media, and combine pages to create new layouts. Create custom layouts Smart Composer has all the elements you need to create custom layouts, including header and footer, newspaper and tabloid, double-page spreads, stories, and bulleted lists. Custom news stories Use the Smart Composer to create your own custom story templates. Smart Composer's templates can be published to the site. You can also create custom collections of articles and share them in the site. Smart layout Smart Layout lets you easily place and position objects on pages. Use Smart Layout to add images, text, or link to your documents. You can also use it to manipulate page content. Smart layout using Smart Composition Smart Layout is used to create custom layouts, and is also available in Smart Composition. Smart Section Create columns or sections in Smart Layout with the Smart Section feature. Use it to create reports, articles, or anything else you can think of. You can also use Smart Section to create and publish.xps files. Smart Section Style Smart Section Style lets you change the look of sections in Smart Layout and Smart Composition. You can use it to. Position objects on pages Use the Smart Layout to place objects on pages. You can use it to place a. Smartly positioning objects on a page Smart Layout also lets you align text, images, and objects to precise locations on pages. Smart Section and Smart Section Style Use Smart Section Style to customize and position Smart Section. Smart Page Backup Use the Smart Page Backup feature to save your favorite pages. You can then use the Smart Page Back-up feature to restore your pages. You can also use the feature to create custom collections of pages. Smartly restoring pages Use Smart Page Backup to save pages. Then, use the Smart Page Back-up feature to restore the pages at any time. 3.2




Sharpdesk 3 2 wesvas

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