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Google Sheets' New Feature: Show Edit History

Google Sheets "Show edit history" is a new feature that will help you easily and quickly see the edit history of a specific cell, most especially if you have several collaborators who are working with you in a spreadsheet.

G Suite Tips | Google Sheets' New Feature: Show Edit History

Keeping information correct in a spreadsheet is vital that is why tracking edits and understanding why specific changes were made by your team or several collaborators is so essential.

"Show edit history" feature will help you track:

  • Who last edited the cell

  • When it was made

  • The previous value of the cell

How to use "Show edit history"

To get started:

  1. Right-click on any cell that you want to view edit history and select “Show edit history” from the drop-down menu.

Show edit history drop-down menu

2. In the dialogue box that will appear, it will show you: 

  • A collaborator who last edited the specific cell 

  • Timestamp when the edit was made 

  • Previous value and the current value of the cell 


✏ When you add, edit, or remove content or link from a cell

Replaced "2.9%" with "4.3%"

✏ When you change a formula

"=A1 + B1" to "=A1 - B1"

  • Arrow keys in the top right corner which toggle back and forth between edits 

Dialogue box of "Show edit history"

Limitations in the Edit History

  • Rows and columns that are added or deleted

  • Cell format changes

  • Changes made by the formulas

This new feature of Google Sheets will save you time to open manually and look through "Version history" to know who made the change in a cell and when was that happen.

Google Sheets new feature will save you to look from "Version history"

Let us know what you think about this new feature!




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