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How to share a folder from Shared Drive with a User

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Below are the steps on How to share a Shared Drive with a User.

  • Open your Chrome browser.

  • Go to your Google Drive

  • Click Shared Drive, Select the folder that you will share to the user.

  • Right-click menu on the selected folder and choose "Manage Members"

  • Enter the email address of the user in the "Add people and groups" section.

  • Choose the permission access to the user (Viewer, Commenter, Contributor, Content manager, and Manager)

  • You could also send a user a message when you selected "Notify people".

  • Then click "Send" or "Share" (if the Notify people were unselected).

NOTE: Folders in a shared drive can be shared by managers of that shared drive. Other shared drive access levels (e.g. content manager and commenter) are not eligible to share folders, because they are not allowed to control broad access to content. Folders in shared drives have the same access levels as the shared drives themselves, with the exception of the manager.

Below table is the Shared drives access levels

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