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Identity verification and login challenges

Google is using login challenges to protect your account against suspicious logins to Google Apps in the fight against cybercrime

Google Login Challenge
Google Login Challenge

With measures such as 2-Step Verification and Login Challenges, Google is continually improving security features to protect individuals and companies from cyberattacks.

Account hijacking is the practice of obtaining a valid user-id and password pair in to enable a bad-guy to access your account.

To combat this Google introduced login challenges:

“If we detect that an unauthorised person is attempting to access a user's account, we will present them with a Login Challenge that asks the person to verify their identity. We might send an SMS with a verification code to the user's phone and ask them to enter this code before we grant access to their account”

We believe the login challenges are a great idea and should be appreciated as an effective method to combat the bad-guys.


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