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How to add G Suite account to your Android mobile phone

Add G Suite account to your Android mobile phone

  • Navigate to Settings and then swipe to and select Accounts and backup.

  • Tap Accounts and then tap Add account.

  • Tap Email and then tap Gmail G Suite as the provider.

  • Login your G Suite account.

  • Allow the device email app to access your G Suite account


Add a Google account

  • From Settings, swipe to and select Accounts and backup.

  • Tap Accounts, and then tap Add account.

  • Tap Google, and then enter your Google account information to sign in.

Note: When you add your Google account, you'll be able to access emails using the Gmail app on your phone or tablet.


Remove an account

If needed, you can easily remove your accounts whenever you want, whether it's a Samsung, Google, or email account. You can always re-add them again later on, using the same steps explained above.


Add G Suite account to your Gmail app

The other method to add your G Suite account is directly added it from Gmail app on your mobile phone. To add it see the below steps:

  • Open your Gmail App from your phone. If you don’t have the application go to your PlayStore App and download the Gmail App

  • There will be a welcome message for the newly installed Gmail App. Select Skip to proceed to add a new email.

  • Select “Add an email address”.

  • Then select “Google”.

  • Enter your Email and Password.

  • Confirm the Google Terms of Service by choosing “I Agree”

  • If there are any Google Services that are asking for access through your account you can choose “Accept” on the selected apps.

  • Once it is done you are able to use your G Suite account in Gmail by reopening the Gmail App and choose “Take me to Gmail”.

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