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How to work with ZIP files in Drive

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

The ZIP Extractor extension enables you to manage zip files (or archives) within Drive

The Chrome extension ZIP Extractor allows you to unzip (extract or decompress) files in Google Drive.

Install the ZIP Extractor extension from the Chrome Web Store. This tip: How to install the ZIP Extractor will guide you through the installation process.

  • The ZIP file can come from your computer or Google Drive

  • Select which files in the ZIP file to extract

  • You can view and share the extracted files with others

  • Select the zipped file in Google Drive

  • Click on the zipped file to see a preview

  • Click Open with ZIP Extractor to launch the tool

  • Wait for the flies to load

  • Select with the tick-boxes which files to extract - by default all files are selected

  • Click Extract Now to extract the files into a new folder

  • The default name is the original zip file name with + (Unzipped Files)

  • Use Change destination folder to select a different destination folder

Once the extraction process is completed, you can:

  • View the extracted files

  • Share the folder

  • Extract another ZIP file

Click View extracted files and it will open the newly created folder containing the extracted files in Drive


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