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Check out the Docs, Sheets, Slides & Sites homepage

You don't need to always use the Google Drive web portal to access your files on your computer, try out the Docs, Slides, Sheets & Sites homepages

Google Drive users have a choice about how they access files on a computer. Google homepages for each of the key productivity apps so users can get direct access to Documents, Sheets, Slides or Sites.

Use the links below to access the homepages.

Google Docs:

Google Sheets:

Google Slides:

Google Sites:


In some circumstances Drive is blocked via a public WIFI service - the homepages are not (don't ask us why!). 

The homepages can be used offline as well - if you have offline mode enabled in Drive.

Try out the homepages and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Feel free to share your experience were us blocked but you were able to use the homepages.


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